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Elissa Kelly, Executive Coach and Consultant

As the pandemic subsides and we begin to reintegrate ourselves to the world, each of us are trying to figure out how to create the life we want, rather than return to the life we had pre-pandemic. Many leaders and individual contributors don’t recognize that they hold newly developed change resilience skills, and using these, along with a clear design and decision framework, they can design the life they now want, at work and home, leading to more satisfied lives.

Elissa has successfully designed and executed two broad change visions in her own personal life, transitioning from a life that was not meeting her expectations, to one that was more fulfilling, satisfying, and balanced. Her understanding of change behavior extends from personal to professional where she has lead large scale change management projects across teams, divisions and organizations. Her passion is helping others see the skills they have in new ways, so that they can design their ideal future and create a path forward.

Attendees will leave this keynote with takeaways including:

• A deeper understanding of their own change resilience
• How to envision what your satisfying life could look like
• A framework to evaluate risk and trust your intuition
• The inspiration to create an action plan to move them toward their goal

Elissa is an Ex-Fortune 100 Executive turned Business Coach who helps leaders transition to new roles and organizations by increasing their awareness and building leadership skills. As both a coach and keynote speaker, she is passionate about elevating diversity among leadership teams. Elissa has spoken virtually and live to groups ranging from 25 to 2,000 attendees.

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