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Executive Coaching

Elissa helps leaders and organizations reach their full potential. Her collaborative, question based methods drive sustainable change and increased performance. Through coaching, she works with clients to help them to understand themselves better, and collaboratively tailor action plans and develop skillsets to help clients reach their goals. Executives and leaders transitioning to new roles or new organizations, and high potential leaders who want to break into the executive ranks are her sweet spot.

Coaching is a collaborative effort based on trust. A coaching engagement should help clients discover new awareness and deeper understanding of themselves, so that they are able to grow and make different choices. Elissa believes that clients have everything they need in themselves, and a coach who asks the right questions will help those answers rise up.

Video conversations via Zoom break down geographic barriers, and Elissa works with clients across the United States.

What Coaching is:

• An opportunity to gain a deeper awareness, so you can become the most effective version of yourself
• A collaborative partnership, based on mutual respect
• Access to an impartial sounding board

What Coaching is not:

• Advice
• Mentoring
• A quick fix
• One size fits all

Areas of Focus May Include:
  • Career advancement
  • Building your personal brand
  • Increasing awareness and skills
  • Personal/professional balance
  • Role transition within an organization
  • Role transition to a new organization

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